We have proposed ourselves to be a reference in the agribusiness in terms of environmental practices, a challenge that involves preserving natural resources and a proper management of the environmental impact.

In this way we collaborate with the maintenance of our natural and social environment, and we ensure that our environmental footprint is minimal , because we firmly believe that we all have to contribute and do our part.

And all this means that we have a lower environmental impact on our surroundings, a decrease in the use of fertilizers and a reduction in the economic cost of our crops.

Good Agricultural Practices

Our cultivation decisions are based on the different characteristics and needs of each of our  farms; We combine the latest techniques with the most traditional methods of permaculture and biodynamics, to reach  ecological balance.

We offer the best varieties of organic products adapted to our climate and fields and with better taste and shelf-life.

Efficient use of water resources

We have implemented a  very precise irrigation system in all our crops.

After several years of studies, we have verified that it is feasible to considerably reduce water consumption, without affecting crop performance and reducing energy and economic costs.


Our project for January 2024 is not only to achieve Zero Emissions, but to promote the carbon sequestration, through soil carbon storage, with our practices on the farm, for which we take a series of measures such as:

Soil management practices such as reduced tillage, erosion control, organic amendments and cover crops.

Only use electric vehicles on the farm.

Self consumption through clean solar and wind energy.


At COOL BERRIES we are committed to our environment, and we manage responsibly all of our resources and waste, betting on energy saving and recycling.

For this we recycle agricultural plastic waste, we manage toxic waste with specialized companies and phytosanitary containers receive the required treatment in accordance with our comprehensive management system